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【Autumn Battle of Momiji Manju】 Which One Are You?

【Autumn Battle of Momiji Manju】 Which One Are You?

Maple leaf-shaped manju, known as “Momiji Manju,” is a popular Hiroshima sweet and a specialty of Miyajima island. When visiting Hiroshima, I highly recommend trying the local Momiji Manju.

You may not know, but there has been an intense rivalry among three long-established sweet shops in Hiroshima: “Fujiya,” “Yamadaya,” and “Nishikido,” all competing over Momiji Manju for over a century.

This autumn, let’s introduce you to the seasonal limited edition Momiji Manju from each of these venerable confectionery shops.

Yamadaya’s “Pumpkin Momiji Manju”

While Momiji Manju is a traditional Japanese sweet, Yamadaya offers a unique twist by filling theirs with a pumpkin-flavored cream. This adds a creamy flavor to the sweet, making it a more familiar taste, especially for visitors from overseas. When asked about their competition, a staff member from Yamadaya said, “I know Nishikido also offers a limited edition pumpkin-flavored Momiji Manju for the autumn season, but I have only tried Yamadaya’s ‘Pumpkin Momoji Manju’! I think it’s the best.” Available until early November, each piece costs 120 yen.

Nishikido’s “Pumpkin Maple”

A staff member from Nishikido shared, “During this season, we always try Yamadaya’s ‘Pumpkin Momiji Manju’ as well, but ours is entirely different. We use the shape of the pumpkin itself, creating a stronger pumpkin flavor.” Available until November, each piece costs 140 yen.

Fujiya’s “Chestnut Sweet”

Among the seasonal limited edition Momiji Manju, Fujiya is the only one offering a chestnut-flavored variety. A staff member from Fujiya explained, “Indeed, ours is slightly more expensive than other Momiji Manju, but that’s because we use high-quality domestic chestnuts. The texture is incredibly smooth and distinct.” Available until November, each piece costs 210 yen.

You can only find these special Momiji Manju for autumn limited edition in Hiroshima! Which of these traditional sweet shops’ Momiji Manju is your favorite? Here, in addition, thet also have seasonal limited edition Momiji Manju. Please try them and let us know your thoughts!

Recommended Tour
Momiji Manju Making Experience

Location: ekie 2F ekie Omiyage-kan (Souvenir Shop)

Operating Hours: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM



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