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Hi-Five Bar & Grill: Okayama Beef, Beer, & Wine

Hi-Five Bar & Grill: Okayama Beef, Beer, & Wine

This casual but chic bar & grill offers Western-style menu items that are made with fresh, locally produced ingredients. The grill is known for its roast beef menu items made from Bizen Beef (they also have Kobe Beef items on the menu as well). Vegetables used in side dishes are obtained from local farmers. Hi-Five also carries a nice selection of locally produced wine and beer.

◆Menu information: Unfortunately, the menu is in Japanese only, so please use translation software when ordering if necessary. No vegetarian or vegan options available.

Location: a 15-minute walk from JR Okayama Station, or a 5-minute walk from the Tamachi streetcar stop.


◆Business hours: 6:00 p.m.–12:00 a.m.

◆Other information: Reservations are recommended but not required.

◆For more information, click here: https://grill-hifive.com/

(You may want to use an extension to translate pages in Japanese.)

Beef croquettes, salad, and locally produced wines
(photo by the author)

Locally produced wines from Okayama
(photo by the author)



I'm from the U.S.A., but I've lived longer in Okayama. I'm a sake sommelier, certified by the Sake Sommelier Association in London. I love traveling in Japan, beautifully presented food and desserts, great art, taking photos, hiking and walking, visiting gardens, and spending time with family and friends.