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【1-Day Event: Oct. 25】Sumo Exhibition Match in Okayama

【1-Day Event: Oct. 25】Sumo Exhibition Match in Okayama

Contrary to popular belief, you can watch sumo beyond Tokyo’s Ryogoku and other major cities. In fact, sumo tournaments are held in various regions of Japan each season to engage with fans.

Regional tours were suspended for about three years due to the COVID pandemic, but resumed in August 2023.

During the tour, several events are held to give the public up-close access to the rikishi (sumo wrestlers). Additionally, there is a “hairdressing demonstration,” where you can watch the popular rikishi have their “O-icho” (big ginko) styled. Naturally, the heated competition among the makuuchi rikishi is equally exhilarating!

◆Date: Saturday, October 25th

◆Time: 9:00~open practice 12:00~Junior-level sumo wrestlers competition 13:30~ Senior-level and Yokozuna sumo wrestlers competition 15:00 Victory bow ceremony

◆Venue Okayama Prefecture Zip Arena Okayama (Okayama Prefectural General Ground Gymnasium) 2-1-3 Izumino, Kita-ku, Okayama City

◆Access From JR Okayama Station, take the Athletic Park Exit Bus No. 22 on the Okaden Bus bound for Okayama University of Science Get off at the Sports Center Mae bus stop.


– 1st floor Tamari S seats: 14,500 yen (with commemorative Okayama tournament zabuton cushion)

– 1st floor A seats: 13,500 yen (with commemorative Okayama tournament zabuton)

– 1st floor Pair-mass S seats: 23,000 yen for two (with tourney zabuton)

– 1st floor Pair-mass A seats: 20,000 yen for two people (with tourney zabuton)

– Chair S seats: 9,000 yen – Wheelchair seats: 18,000 yen for two people (includes on-site parking)

– 2nd floor A seats: 6,500 yen

– 2nd floor B seats: 4,000 yen 

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