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【1-Day Event: Nov. 5】Tamano Matsuri Fireworks

【1-Day Event: Nov. 5】Tamano Matsuri Fireworks

Previously held in summer, the Tamano Matsuri Fireworks display will be held in autumn this year, on November 5, 2023. The display will feature 3,000 fireworks that will be shot off over the Seto Inland Sea at Uno Port. To see the fireworks up close, spectators are being asked to buy tickets; tickets are 500 yen in advance, and 1,000 yen on the day of the event. Fireworks will still be visible, albeit further away, for those who do not or can not purchase tickets.

◆Date & Time: Sunday, November 5, 2023 / 19:40~20:10

◆Location: the plaza across from JR Uno Station in Tamano City; you’ll need a ticket (wristband) to acces the paid seating area.

(yellow area is designated paid seating)

◆Fee: 500 yen in advance; 1,000 yen on the day of the event

◆Other info: Parking is available at the Tamano Keirin Bike Racing Grounds, and a shuttle bus will be provided. Parking is 500 yen per vehicle. https://maps.app.goo.gl/Hz1Au8AtiVhmF3Lf9

◆For more information, click here: https://tamano-matsuri.tamanoevent.com/

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(Tamano Matsuri fireworks from a previous year)

(Tamano Matsuri fireworks from a previous year)



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