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【Autumn only!】 Cosmos fields at Kasaoka Bay Farm

【Autumn only!】 Cosmos fields at Kasaoka Bay Farm

Looking for a “grammable” natural spot? Look no further, Kasaoka Bay Farm has what you need. This reclaimed land is home to large flower fields that are planted with seasonal flowers by the city of Kasaoka. There are canola flowers in late winter to early spring, poppies in spring, sunflowers in summer, and cosmos in autumn.

Cosmos flowers are currently in bloom through the end of October.

For that perfect shot, Bay Farm has several photo spots set up, and you can walk through the rows of blossoms. Pets and children are also welcome!

You can buy lunch, snacks & drinks, and local produce & seafood at the Michi-no-Eki Roadside Station next to the fields. Plenty of free parking is available.

Dates: through the end of October, 2023

Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/czd27QrhGWSWGWsJ6

Fee: Free-of-charge

Other info: Check the current condition of the flowers on the Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cym-zipyvjS/

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