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【Experience Zen Meditation and a Tofu Lunch at a Temple in Sera】

【Experience Zen Meditation and a Tofu Lunch at a Temple in Sera】

Sera Kogen is in the middle of Hiroshima Prefecture, so it is not easy to reach without a car. Join this tour to take a sightseeing cab from Hiroshima Station and travel directly to the Sera Plateau.

This plateau is home to the Sera Kogen Farm, where you can enjoy flower gardens throughout the year. Join the tour to see farms at the best times in all seasons.

Then, experience Zen meditation and enjoy a break with green tea and local steamed buns when you travel to Buttsuji Temple, which has a karesansui (Zen rock garden).

Afterward, dine on a healthy lunch set. The main dish is a thick tofu made with local natural water.

After enjoying shopping at a roadside station, disband at Hiroshima Station.

Meeting place: Hiroshima Station

Time: 8:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Fee: 24,000 yen per person

Minimum: 5 participants

Maximum: 8 participants

How to apply: Click here



Born in Yokohama, and spent most of my school days in Tokyo.
Exchange student experience in the USA (in high school) and Thailand (after graduating from university).
Speak English, Thai and Japanese (of course).
Living in a tranquil island of the Shimanami Kaido.
”I would love to show you around this beautiful area of Setouchi! ”