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[1-Day Event: Experience the Setouchi Porto 5 (Setoporu)]

[1-Day Event: Experience the Setouchi Porto 5 (Setoporu)]

The weather is still very nice this November!
Setouchi Porto 5 is going to be held in my favorite place: Takehara.
Gourmet food and shops from all over Hiroshima Prefecture will gather for this event centered around charming new friends from Osakikamijima Island and Takehara.

The bounties of the sea, mountains and village will be assembled in the “Drink, Eat, Laugh, Learn, & Be Healed” event to be held at Setouchi Porto, called Setoporu for short.

Experience the beauty of the Seto Inland Sea while taking in scenic views.
Take your dog to a dog cafe and relax and enjoy Hawaiian dance and music while watching the Seto Inland Sea.
Board the Setoporu Setouchi Cruise and Nottoko Cruise for unique experiences on regular ships on the day of the event!
Pleasant new friends from Osakikamijima Island and Takehara are waiting for you.

For more information on store openings, please visit the Facebook page! (In Japanese)

Date: November 12 *will be canceled in rainy or inclement weather
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Place: Takehara Sea Station/Takehara Port area
18-minute walk from JR Takehara Station
10 minutes by Geiyo Bus from JR Takehara Station
1 hour and 30 minutes by Geiyo Bus from Hiroshima Bus Center
   https://www.geiyo.co.jp/ *In Japanese

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Konnichiwa! My name is Anne.
I live in a port town called Kure City, 40 minutes by car from Hiroshima City.
We have many beautiful islands. There is an abundance of seafood and fruits.
The place is surrounded by sea and mountains. You can experience walking on narrow streets, hiking on mountains and even climbing stairs.
Strolling around the town is also enjoyable.
You will surely find your own Seto Inland Sea trip here!