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[Dec. 9–10] Monitors Wanted for a BOZU Experience in Onomichi

[Dec. 9–10] Monitors Wanted for a BOZU Experience in Onomichi

Good news for those interested in Zen Buddhism and staying in Onomichi!

The “BOZU* Experience” is an engaging tour at a temple in Onomichi that Meji, a new company, will offer. (*Bozu means “monk in training” in Japanese. 

On this tour, you will experience:

1) Making prayer beads with your favorite color.

2) Touring Saikokuji-Temple with a priest.

3) Chanting a sutra (Buddhist scripture).

4) Making a copy of a sutra.

5) Practicing Zen meditation.

Before taking reservations officially, Meji will hold a monitor tour on December 9th and 10th.

If you are interested, please check this website for more detailed information.

Send an email to meji.onomichi@gmail.com with the following information to apply:

(1) Your full name, (2) Age, (3) Gender, (4) Country of origin, (5) Preferred work robe size (M/ L/ LL), (6) Food restrictions or allergies



Born in Yokohama, and spent most of my school days in Tokyo.
Exchange student experience in the USA (in high school) and Thailand (after graduating from university).
Speak English, Thai and Japanese (of course).
Living in a tranquil island of the Shimanami Kaido.
”I would love to show you around this beautiful area of Setouchi! ”