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[December Only] Enjoy healthy veggie dishes with a discount!

[December Only] Enjoy healthy veggie dishes with a discount!

Zenna-an is perfect for you if you want to relax or eat healthy veggie dishes.

Zenna-an is located on hillside in Onomichi, just a 10-minute walk from Onomichi Station.

Zen(禅) and Miwako(美和子) run the restaurant, and “Zenna-an(禅和庵)” is a portmanteau of the kanji characters used to write their names.

They bring out the best flavors of their fresh ingredients. But Zenna-an is not exclusively a vegetarian restaurant, so if you would like to have vegetarian food, be make sure to tell them, “No meat” or “No meat or any other animal products.”

(From the left: Kama-age Ramen, Baby-leaf Salad, Seasonal Vegetable Surinagashi, and Amla Tea and three-color dumplings)

I chose the Zenna Mini Lunch from a number of menu items, which was 1,200 yen (tax included). First, I was asked to chose whether to have the tofu warm or cold. I chose hot tofu, and they served them with three seasonings: two types of soy sauce and a salt containing sake lees produced locally.

I had a delicious baby leaf salad with a homemade carrot dressing. Afterward, I had the Kama-age ramen, which I chose for my main dish. This ramen inspired by kama-age udon noodles. To eat it, you dip the noodles in a savory special sauce made with soy sauce, sesame sauce and kelp broth. They don’t use any artificial seasonings, so you don’t have to feel guilty about drinking up this soup.

Then, I ordered the Seasonal Vegetable Surinagashi (a puréed vegetable broth) for 300 yen, as a side dish. At that time, it was made with mashed steamed potatoes and a kelp soup stock that took eight hours to boil. The surinagashi had a very rich taste, and I was even more impressed that this savory, healthy soup was made with no seasoning!

After the meal, I ordered Amla tea from among the many drinks on the menu (available as a single item for 500 yen, and available for 400 yen with meals and sets), and Miwako’s handmade three-color dumplings (300 yen) for dessert. Of course, they don’t use any artificial coloring in their dumplings. The colors come from purple sweet potato and matcha.

Zenna-an is a restaurant that values each and every ingredient, totally different from fast food and mass-produced food. You should visit if you want to relax and have good food that is great for your health. I recommend it!

In this December-only campaign, you will receive a 100-yen discount when you show this site on your mobile phone when paying.

Please visit and spend a refreshing time in Onomichi!

◆Open Hours:

Wed.&Thu. :11:00~17:00


Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

◆Location: Zenna-an, 11-17 Nishitsuchidocho, Onomichi, Hiroshima Prefecture

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