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Find a Local Fresh Produce Market to Try!

Find a Local Fresh Produce Market to Try!

If you are staying at a self-catering facility and looking for local ingredients, look for information about direct sales markets run by local fishing and farming cooperatives. I highly recommend it!

For example, the local fishing cooperative on Mukaishima Island in Onomichi sells freshly caught seafood every Saturday from 1:00 p.m.

Customers line up before this market even opens due to its popularity.

Setouchi Tai (Sea Bream)

Japanese Mitten Crabs, Stingrays, and more!

Caught in the morning and available at bargain prices, these fresh fish are sold in no time at all.

The cooperative also sells sweet and tasty oranges and healthy vegetables.

Many places only offer services in Japanese, but I encourage you to try anyway. The more you interact with the locals, the more enjoyable your stay in Japan will be!

Location: Hishio Fishing Market (Mukaishimacho, Onomochi, Hiroshima)

Date & Time: From 1:00 pm on every Saturday



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