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[Christmas Event]: Spot the Hiroshima Tram Decorated for Christmas!

[Christmas Event]: Spot the Hiroshima Tram Decorated for Christmas!

Hiroshima Electric Railway’s Christmas Tram will commence operations from December 11, 2023. This Christmas Tram has become a winter tradition in Hiroshima City, alongside the Hiroshima Dreamination.

(Source: Hiroshimadentetsu Kabushikigaisya)

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Hiroshima Electric Railway has long been a vital mode of transportation for the people of Hiroshima. Resuming operations just three days after the bombing, it played a significant role in the city’s reconstruction.
The Christmas Tram of Hiroshima Electric Railway is a gesture of gratitude to riders and the local community. Adorned with sparkling decorations, the train spreads smiles throughout the city. Please note that the Christmas Train will not be available for regular service; it is an event train meant for enjoyment from the outside. Every year, it is adorned with festive Christmas decorations and lights, and this year, it features a design inspired by Disney’s Wish, created to celebrate the studio’s 100th anniversary.

Wish is a new dramatic musical produced by the team behind Frozen, Disney’s blockbuster. Being wrapped in the theme of this anticipated creation, the Christmas Train is expected to capture even more attention this year.

( Source: Hiroshimadentetsu Kabushikigaisya)

The Christmas Train will run from December 11–24, 2023.
Event Dates: December 11–24, 2023
Event Location: Hiroshima City Area



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