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Celebrating Chrysanthemum SAKE Festival in Honor of Chōyō

Celebrating Chrysanthemum SAKE Festival in Honor of Chōyō

An event to enjoy Hiroshima SAKE will be held near Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park on September 9th! “Chōyō no Sekku” is one of Japan’s five seasonal festivals, and on September 9th, people decorate with chrysanthemum flowers and drink sake with chrysanthemum petals to pray for longevity and good health. Why not join us in enjoying Hiroshima local SAKE and wishing for health and happiness?

Date: September 9th (Saturday) 11:30 AM – 4:30 PM

I’m also planning to attend with my friend! Let’s enjoy Hiroshima’s autumn together!

Location: Tsubasa no Hiroba, 6th floor of Kita-machi Credo Pasera

Admission: Free, Sake starting from 400 yen per glass, Snacks/Food from 450 yen.




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I've explored approximately 50 countries from their world heritage sites to even local schools, using local public transportation. I have experienced that the information and knowledge shared by locals made the landscapes and world heritage sites before me more vibrant and more beautiful. And interaction with local people have become treasures in my life.

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Born and raised in Hiroshima, a third-generation survivor of the atomic bombing.
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