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[Spot a Submarine at Alley Karasukojima Park (Kure)]

[Spot a Submarine at Alley Karasukojima Park (Kure)]

Along a roadway approximately 300 meters from the front of the JMSDF 1st Submarine Force Group Headquarters sits a park with a brick-colored ambiance.
Surrounded by the brick buildings of the former naval arsenal and near the docks where the Yamato [a famous battleship] was secretly constructed, it serves as a reminder that Kure was once home to the former Imperial Navy.
Times have changed, and the park is now an area where you can enjoy a leisurely walk.

You can get an up-close look at submarines in the park: one of the few places in Japan and the world where you can do so! The submarines and escort vessels of the Maritime Self-Defense Force have lowered their anchors in these photos.
Great at sunrise or sunset, when you can see the respective hoisting or lowering of the national and Self-Defense Forces flags on each submarine.

Alley Karasu-ko-jima

Address: 8 Showacho, Kure, Hiroshima 737-0027

▼Recommended Tour

Kure Bay Ship Tour

Set sail on a cruise and get an up-close view of mighty ships (duration: about 30 minutes)! The evening cruise that departs at sunset is also highly recommended. *(You may want to use an extension to translate pages in Japanese.)



Konnichiwa! My name is Anne.
I live in a port town called Kure City, 40 minutes by car from Hiroshima City.
We have many beautiful islands. There is an abundance of seafood and fruits.
The place is surrounded by sea and mountains. You can experience walking on narrow streets, hiking on mountains and even climbing stairs.
Strolling around the town is also enjoyable.
You will surely find your own Seto Inland Sea trip here!