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[1-Day Tour: January 29, 2024] The Best of Okayama Prefecture: Okayama and Soja

[1-Day Tour: January 29, 2024] The Best of Okayama Prefecture: Okayama and Soja

Enjoy sightseeing at the best locations in Okayama and Soja! This one-day bus tour starts at JR Okayama Station, visits several key culturally significant sites in these two cities, and ends with an elegant dinner by Michelin-recognized Chef Akiyama, who also happens to be from Soja.

Itinerary details: Meet at JR Okayama Station (10:00 a.m.) > Take the streetcar and walk to Okayama Castle and Okayama Korakuen Garden for a tour of these locations > Enjoy a boxed lunch inside Korakuen Garden by Chef Akiyama’s Michelin star-awarded-restaurant Sho-un while enjoying a traditional kagura dance performance > Take a chartered bus to Kibitsu Jinja for a tour of the famous shrine > Take a chartered bus to ancient Kinojo Castle in Soja for a tour of the ancient castle > Take a chartered bus to Sho-un restaurant; enjoy a traditional Japanese kaiseki meal by Chef Akiyama at his restaurant Sho-un while enjoying the view of an illuminated 5-story pagoda, Bitchu Kokubunji > Return to Okayama Station by chartered bus (8:10 p.m.)

Date of tour: Monday, January 29, 2024

Meeting place: JR Okayama Station, in front of the 2F ticket gate at 10:00 a.m.

Cost: ¥25,000 (for both adults and children)

Minimum number in tour: 10 people

Maximum number in tour: 20 people

How to apply: Please fill in and submit the following form: https://forms.gle/MEmBDQKYwTdPj6jT7
*Please apply at least one week in advance of the tour.

◆This tour is being organized by the Nippon Travel Agency.



I'm from the U.S.A., but I've lived longer in Okayama. I'm a sake sommelier, certified by the Sake Sommelier Association in London. I love traveling in Japan, beautifully presented food and desserts, great art, taking photos, hiking and walking, visiting gardens, and spending time with family and friends.