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[Go on a Hina Doll Meguri Tour (Takehara)]

[Go on a Hina Doll Meguri Tour (Takehara)]

Hinamatsuri (Hina doll festival) is an annual event held across Japan on the 3rd of March.
The festival is held to pray for the healthy growth, prosperity and happiness of girls, especially those 10 or younger.
Families with young girls will display a set of beautiful traditional Japanese dolls called hina dolls at home.

Takehara Machinami Hina Doll Meguri (Hina Doll Tour in Takehara Town) is being held!
During the event, about 200 sets of hina dolls handed down in the families of Takehara will be displayed in various facilities around the Machinami Preservation District. Some have been handed down since the 17th century!
The decorations, faces, and sizes of the dolls differ depending on the period they come from, so it is interesting to compare them as you go around.

You will also be able to enjoy live koto (a 13-string zither) and shamisen (a three-stringed lute) performances and gourmet foods related to the Hina Festival, among other activities♪
This is an event that both children and adults can enjoy!


Period: From Saturday, February 10–Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Place: Takehara Machinami Preservation District

Contact for inquiries: ☎ 0846-22-0214 (NPO Network Takehara)

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