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Explore a New Kind of Zen Experience

Explore a New Kind of Zen Experience

Are you still working out your itinerary? Visit my favorite spot in Fukuyama: Shinshoji-Zen Museum and Gardens. Here, you can enjoy strolling around the neatly swept Japanese gardens, visiting various types of old Japanese buildings, and learning about daily Zen practices.

Of course, you can experience meditation practice and copy sutras at the Zen temple, but you can also have a new meditation experience in collaboration with contemporary art inside this astonishingly shaped building: the Gokando.

At the Gokando, udon is available for lunchtime. This is what unsui (training monks) have on shikunichi (days that end with the numbers 4 or 9) at the training halls of the Rinzai sect. Usually, an unsui is absolutely not allowed to make a sound during a meal, but one is allowed to eat udon very noisily on a shikunichi.

Admission fee: adults ¥1,500 yen/children ¥1,000

Opening hours: 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

How to access: https://szmg.jp/en/access/



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