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Tour Setoda with a Special Ticket!

Tour Setoda with a Special Ticket!

Setoda is located on Ikuchijima, popular as an island of art, the third island from Onomichi.

To get to Setoda, you can cycle along the famous Shimanami Kaido. But if you are short on time, we recommend this bargain ticket. It can be used for both a ferry and bus ride, includes admission to two major museums, and it also includes benefits at various shops!

Buy from this site, and E-voucher will be sent to your e-mail.

Enjoy your stay in Onomichi!

[Includes admission vouchers for the following facilities]

  1. Kosanji Temple and Kosanji Museum
  2. Hirayama Ikuo Museum of Art

[Includes discounts and freebies at the following locations]

  1. Restaurant Chidori: Free dessert with your meal
  2. Wakaba Restaurant: One free menu item with your meal
  3. Fuji Honpo: 10% discount on souvenirs
  4. Setoda Suigunmaru: 10% discount on meals, 5% discount at the shop
  5. Shimagokoro SETODA: Free piece of lemon cake for visitors
  6. Shimanami Romance: Free lemon soda with your meal / ¥1,000 bicycle rental for 10 hours
  7. Kosanji Temple and Kosanji Museum: ¥50 discount on beverages at Café Cuore
  8. Hirayama Ikuo Museum of Art: 10% discount at Tea Lounge (Oasis)
  9. Setodacho Tourist Information Center: Baggage storage service


Born in Yokohama, and spent most of my school days in Tokyo.
Exchange student experience in the USA (in high school) and Thailand (after graduating from university).
Speak English, Thai and Japanese (of course).
Living in a tranquil island of the Shimanami Kaido.
”I would love to show you around this beautiful area of Setouchi! ”