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Explore Hiroshima City with Local Tour Guides (Hiroshima)

Explore Hiroshima City with Local Tour Guides (Hiroshima)

Learn more about Hiroshima and Japan! Hiroshima is a very peaceful city and
your tour guides introduce you to attractions beyond the well-known tourist spots from a local perspective. This tour is an immersive experience of Japan.

The best way to walk through the city of Hiroshima. Standouts include feeling the peaceful atmosphere of Hiroshima today, despite its tragic history. You’ll meet in front of the Hondori Street Starbucks, which is approximately 0.5 miles from the A-bomb dome and Peace Memorial Park. This is a delightful and leisurely tour with locals who will take you to everyday places, rather than famous tourist spots. Also, they will introduce you to unique aspects of Japanese culture, such as food replicas and hanko personal stamps. It’s all on foot—1 mile in 90 minutes—and advance reservation is required.
Please note that this tour does not include a visit to Peace Memorial Park.

Cost: from ¥1,000 (including tax) *Please check the calendar.
Min–max bookings: 1–2 participants
Duration: 90 minutes
Operating days: Wednesdays and Fridays (excluding year-end and New Year holidays and extended vacation periods)
Meeting time: Please arrive 10 minutes before your reservation time.
Meeting point: In front of the Starbucks Coffee Hiroshima Hondori store
9-1 Hondori, Naka-ku, Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture
Booking deadline: Until 4:59 p.m., 2 days prior
Advanced preparations
Dress code
: Please bring comfortable walking shoes for a 1.5 km walk and a drink in hot weather.

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Konnichiwa! My name is Anne.
I live in a port town called Kure City, 40 minutes by car from Hiroshima City.
We have many beautiful islands. There is an abundance of seafood and fruits.
The place is surrounded by sea and mountains. You can experience walking on narrow streets, hiking on mountains and even climbing stairs.
Strolling around the town is also enjoyable.
You will surely find your own Seto Inland Sea trip here!