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Go Trekking on a Snowy Mountain at Night [Hiruzen/Okayama]

Go Trekking on a Snowy Mountain at Night [Hiruzen/Okayama]

If you are looking for some exciting winter activities, this is for you!

(Source: https://en.activityjapan.com/publish/plan/30884)

Try hiking the snowy mountain during the nighttime with a professional who will guide you safely.

Beginners and children 13 years old or above are welcome.

A memorable starring sky will be waiting for you.

◆ Meeting place: 1080 Hiruzenshitao, Maniwa City, Okayama

 Supplier’s name: Hiruzen Tour Desk

◆ Business season and hours: December 17, 2023–March 10, 2024 (starts at 6:00 p.m.~)
If there is snow and the tour is possible, it will be held at any time. It will be canceled in case of a snowstorm or rain. The tour location may change depending on the snow conditions.

◆ Cost: ¥5,500~ (with tax)/1person (+¥1,500 for snowshoes+¥500 for a set of stocks+¥500 for a headlamp)

◆ Min–max bookings: 2–30 participants

◆ How to apply: https://en.activityjapan.com/publish/plan/30884

◆ Other info: 



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