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Make customized jeans in Kojima, Okayama–the mecca of Japanese denim

Make customized jeans in Kojima, Okayama–the mecca of Japanese denim

Japanese denim is well-known worldwide for being high-quality. Even though the original patterns and designs were imported from the U.S.A., the fabric is dyed with locally-made indigo fabric dye, a color so deep and rich that it is known as “Japan blue”.

There are about 40 denim brands operating in Kojima, and one of the most well-known brands is Betty Smith. At Betty Smith, visitors can make their own customized pair of jeans. You can choose your favorite style of jeans, choose and attach your favorite button and rivets, and choose and attach your favorite label. Your jeans will be ready to take home with you that day! This customized jeans workshop lets you make a perfect souvenir for yourself!

(Source: Explore Okayama: https://www.okayama-japan.jp/en/spot/908)

(Source: Explore Okayama: https://www.okayama-japan.jp/en/spot/908)

Optional add-on: A special Hello Kitty label for +1,000 yen
(source: Activity Japan reservation page: https://en.activityjapan.com/publish/plan/17201)

Meeting place: Betty Smith Workshop (next to the Jeans Museum & Village); from JR Kojima Station, take the circulating bus for about 20 minutes or a taxi for about 5 minutes.

Time limit: No time limit; the workshop will take about an hour.

Cost: Standard sized jeans in regular denim, regular rivets & buttons: 8,800 yen per pair of jeans / Standard sized jeans in premium denim, regular rivets & buttons: 17,600 yen per pair of jeans. Extra fees of 1,080 yen (regular)/2160 yen (premium) apply for XL and XXL sizes. Additional fees also apply for Hello Kitty buttons (400 yen + tax) and labels (1,000 yen + tax).

Minimum number in tour: 1person

Maximum number in tour: 10 people

How to apply: https://en.activityjapan.com/publish/plan/17201

Other info: You don’t need to bring or prepare anything special to enjoy this workshop. Guests of all ages, including children) are welcome.



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