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Try your hand at making Bizen Pottery in Okayama

Try your hand at making Bizen Pottery in Okayama

At the Bizen Mugen-an pottery studio & shop, you can try your hand at making classic Bizen pottery. Bizen pottery is unglazed stoneware and with a history of over 1,000 years, it is one of the oldest types of pottery in Japan.

Visitors can choose between making something by hand molding or the potter’s wheel. An instructor will help you to finalize your piece; it will then be kiln fired and sent to you. This is a perfect hands-on experience that also lets you make a special reminder of your trip to Japan!

Hand molding. (Source: https://mugenan.co.jp/ceramics/)

Using the potter’s wheel. (Souce: https://mugenan.co.jp/ceramics/)

A 6-year-old using the potter’s wheel.

Meeting place: Bizen Mugen-an Pottery Studio & Shop; a 12-minute walk from JR Imbe Station

Time: Allow 1~ 2 hours per item.

Cost: Workshop fees start at 2,850 yen per person for 0.5kg of clay (hand molding) and go up to 6,050 yen per person for 1.0kg of clay (potter’s wheel); see reservation page for details.

Minimum number in tour: 1 person

Maximum number in tour: 50 people for the hand molding workshop / 10 people for the potter’s wheel workshop

How to apply: Bookings available on request; see page: https://en.activityjapan.com/publish/plan_list/3492

Other info: Wear clothing that you don’t mind getting a little dirty. Children aged 4 years old and older are welcome! Groups welcome!



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