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Taste the Flavors of Hiroshima: A Local Food Tour Experience

Taste the Flavors of Hiroshima: A Local Food Tour Experience

Start this local food tour with a bang as a chef cooks your very own Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki in front of you.

Their friendly local guide will be waiting for you near the Gucci advertisement at Fukuya, close to Hatchobori station.
Look for them holding a sign that reads “Magical Trip”—they’ll be easy to spot!

Once you meet up, the guide will lead you to a local izakaya pub renowned for its okonomiyaki (a savory Japanese dish shaped like a pancake).

As you settle in, quench your thirst with a traditional Japanese beverage while watching the chef prepare your okonomiyaki right on the flat iron grill at your table!

Go bar hopping in the backstreets of Hiroshima just like a local and taste authentic local foods

The tour guide will plan all of their recommendations!
Even if you don’t know much about Japanese food, don’t worry. You’ll have amazing dishes you can only taste in Hiroshima!

Taste sake made in Hiroshima! Try different flavors, from dry and rich to sweet and light.

Hiroshima is very famous for its sake breweries.
In this tour, you will get to learn all about sake flavors, so you can try and find your favorite ones! Japanese izakaya pub foods like grilled oysters, yakitori chicken, and fried fish pair perfectly with sake.
Feel free to ask your guide what the best combinations are!

◆ Cost: ¥12,500 per person
Min–max bookings: 1–
◆Duration: 3 hours
◆How to applyhttps://www.kkday.com/en-us/product/161141



"Discover the Depths of Setouchi with me as your Best Hiroshima Friend!"

I've explored approximately 50 countries from their world heritage sites to even local schools, using local public transportation. I have experienced that the information and knowledge shared by locals made the landscapes and world heritage sites before me more vibrant and more beautiful. And interaction with local people have become treasures in my life.

Now, it's my turn!

Born and raised in Hiroshima, a third-generation survivor of the atomic bombing.
Summer means BEER!
Winter means Hiroshima HOT SAKE!
I’ll give you vibrant and beautiful information from Setouchi and guide you deep into Setouchi as your Best Hiroshima Friend!