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Book a Tour to Tomonoura! Part. 1: A Historic Town

Book a Tour to Tomonoura! Part. 1: A Historic Town

My name is Pearl and I am a Hiroshima prefectural guide interpreter, living in the eastern part of Hiroshima Prefecture.

When you hear of Hiroshima, you probably think of famous World Heritage Sites such as the Atomic Bomb Dome and Itsukushima Shrine in Miyajima. From my point of view, there are also many very attractive places to visit here in the Bingo region!

This time, let me introduce one of my recommendations: Tomonoura.

Tomonoura, located a 30-minute bus ride away from Fukuyama. It is a small port town, but it is now attracting a lot of attention. (Check out this article on CNN: Tomonoura: A historic coastal village away from the crowds in Japan)

Tomonoura is located right in the middle of the Seto Inland Sea, where the tides from the east and west meet. In the past, sea routes were the main means of transport, rather than land routes. So, sailors waited for the tides to change at Tomonoura before they crossed the Seto Inland Sea. For this reason, Tomonoura flourished as a port to wait out the tide. Commerce, blacksmithing and fishing prospered in this town. It is also home to four surviving breweries of an herbal liquor called Houmei-shu.

Walk through the traditional architecture preservation zone, which conveys the culture and lifestyle of Japan in the 17th to 19th centuries. Appreciate the scenery that was acclaimed by the Korean envoys to Japan as the most beautiful scenic spot between Tsushima and Edo.

It is also the location on which Studio Ghibli’s film, “Ponyo on the Cliff,” was modeled. So, it’s just a must-visit spot for Ponyo fans! You might even find Ponyo somewhere in the town.

If you are interested, click on this tour to book now! I look forward to being your guide!



Born in Yokohama, and spent most of my school days in Tokyo.
Exchange student experience in the USA (in high school) and Thailand (after graduating from university).
Speak English, Thai and Japanese (of course).
Living in a tranquil island of the Shimanami Kaido.
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