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【1 OCT】SPORTS and WONDER Kure Trial Day -Shimokamagari Island (Entry: Now to 24 Sep)

【1 OCT】SPORTS and WONDER Kure Trial Day -Shimokamagari Island (Entry: Now to 24 Sep)

Shimo-Kamagari Island is the first island on the Tobishima-Kaido route. Just by crossing one bridge, the scenery changes completely.
The scenery is surprisingly beautiful!

Kure City, known as the “City of Outdoor Sports,” will be hosting the “Spo-One KURE Trial Day” event on Shimo-Kamagari Island.

This is a sport event for beginners,
each instructor will give you a kind, polite and enjoyable lecture.

Day&Time: 8:30 ~ 14:00, Sun 1 Oct
Place:Kajigahama Beach Oojizo Shimokamagari-cho Kure

*Entry required 9 Aug – 24 Sep

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【Experience Events】
1) Aquathlon training (Swim & Run)
2) SUP Experience
3) E-bike Cycling Guided Tour
4) Trail Run Experience
5) Beach Tennis

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Konnichiwa! My name is Anne.
I live in a port town called Kure City, 40 minutes by car from Hiroshima City.
We have many beautiful islands. There is an abundance of seafood and fruits.
The place is surrounded by sea and mountains. You can experience walking on narrow streets, hiking on mountains and even climbing stairs.
Strolling around the town is also enjoyable.
You will surely find your own Seto Inland Sea trip here!