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Hiroshima’s Halloween ‘Yokogawa Zombie Night’ on October 28th and 29th!

Hiroshima’s Halloween ‘Yokogawa Zombie Night’ on October 28th and 29th!

Halloween, now a worldwide celebration in October, is actually enjoyed by many people here in Hiroshima. Even the usually calm residents of Hiroshima come alive with dancing, singing, and shouting, especially during Hiroshima Carp games and Halloween!?

`Yokogawa Zombie night` the annual Halloween event with a zombie theme, held in the Yokogawa Shopping Street, will take place on October 28th and 29th. There’s a ‘Zombie Infection Zone’ near the Yokogawa station where anyone can become a zombie with face paint. Visitors themselves can transform into zombies, making these two days the city’s largest gathering of zombies in the country. After sunset, you’ll encounter various zombies throughout the city, including musicians, magicians, dancers, models, and idols. Many shops also offer ‘Trick or Treat’ where you can get sweets! It’s a festival for everyone, from children to adults, to enjoy the Zombie Night. So, why not explore the streets of Yokogawa in your best zombie attire!

The event location is just 2 stops away on the JR Sanyo Main Line from Hiroshima Station. If you prefer a scenic walk along the river, it’s a delightful 25-minute stroll from the Peace Park.

The Yokogawa Shopping Street has a variety of charming cafes and izakayas that you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re interested in discovering unique izakayas in Yokogawa, check out this link ☟

Location: Yokogawa Shopping Street
Date and Time: October 28th (Sat) and 29th (Sun), 13:00 – 21:00



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