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World’s Largest ‘MUJI’ – Just a Step Away from JR Shininokuchi Station!

World’s Largest ‘MUJI’ – Just a Step Away from JR Shininokuchi Station!

MUJI, with the world’s largest store area, is right here in Hiroshima!

They offer a wide range of products, including clothing, miscellaneous goods, food, cosmetics, furniture, and electronics, featuring approximately 7,500 unique items under our proprietary brand. Locals, as well as tourists from around the world when large cruise ships arrive in Hiroshima, gather here, making it busy.

MUJI Hiroshima Alpark is not just a place for retail, but also aims to serve as a community center. MUJI staff have visited production areas to collaborate with Hiroshima local farmers, fishermen, and businesses in developing products. For instance, the ‘Hiroshima Oyster Chowder’ is made from oysters of varying sizes caught in Hatsukaichi City, as well as low-fat milk from a dairy farmer in Yuraicho, Saeki Ward, Hiroshima City. They aspire to promote and discover the appeal of Hiroshima local products.

Moreover, They offer exclusive in-store products such as bulk hair care items and minimalist furniture crafted from unused resources, all unique to the world’s largest MUJI here. We have planned various events for the future, so stay tuned!

The location is just 4 stops (12 minutes) away on the JR Sanyo Main Line from Hiroshima Station. Get off at Arai-guchi Station, and you’ll find us right in front!

Location: MUJI Hiroshima Alpark
Business Hours: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM”



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