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【SDGs】World’s Largest MUJI: ‘Mottainai Market’ Currently in Session

【SDGs】World’s Largest MUJI: ‘Mottainai Market’ Currently in Session

At Hiroshima’s MUJI, the World’s Largest Store, the ‘Mottainai Market’ Is now open.

The ‘Mottainai Market’ is currently being held at MUJI, which boasts the world’s largest store area. This event offers items that may have deviated from standard specifications during production but are perfectly suitable for everyday use, as well as reused clothing and items returned after opening, all at bargain prices. The ‘Mottainai Market’ is taking place at MUJI’s large stores nationwide, including 17 stores in total.

In Hiroshima, you can find socks that were supposed to be discarded due to not meeting visual standards, but are now available at half price, just 990 yen.

There are also cool neck sweaters made from wool products collected in-store and spun into yarn again, as well as T-shirts that have been re-dyed, both available for less than half the regular price.

Additionally, slightly damaged or slightly soiled ceramics are being sold at a 70% discount.

Please note that this event will end once items are sold out, so be sure to check with the store in advance before visiting.

Just 4 stops (12 minutes) on the JR Sanyo Main Line from Hiroshima Station to Shin Inokuchi Station. It’s right in front of you when you get off the train!

For more information on MUJI, which has the world’s largest store area, click here ☟

Location: MUJI Hiroshima Alpark Store

Operating Hours: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM



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